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Under the dual effects of government policies and corporate demands, more and more business owners realise the importance of energy consumption level, energy efficiency level and energy management level on operation control and production cost. Many business owners start to concern energy efficiency management, to analyse and make comparision on energy consumption data, while gradually swift from extensive energy management to scientific and systematic energy management. Specifically represented by more and more enterprises start to concern the structure of energy bills; all kind of energy consumption indexes of unit product or product value, productions links or departments; and how to sustainably discover and excavate energy management and optimization of energy-saving potential.
Energy Management System
ESD EnergyPEC Energy Information Management
ESD EnergyPec Main Functions and Application Summary Energy Information Management System: The three main sections are Energy Information Management System Software Platform, Data Gathering Meters and Network Communication Equipment. For further information >>
Energy Supervision Platform for Government
By employing the supervision system, establishes the link of energy management communication between provinces, cities and districts; achieves digitalization and networking for energy and energy-saving management. Improves the energy database system and innovates the techniques of energy supervision management. For further information >>
Energy Service
Energy Data Acquisition
Energy Data Acquisition,a method applied to identify energy consumption classification and analyzing energy consumption of enterprise through analyzing enormous amount of energy stored in enterprise by mathematical approach. For further information >>
Energy Data Center
ESD Energy Data Center retrieves and searches for various data for clientele promptly within huge amount of energy consumption data. For further information >>
Intelligent Meters and Related Communication Devices
Radio Wave Transmitter
Intelligent Ammeter
Intelligent Meters and Communication Devices For further information >>
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